translated from Spanish: It’s time to put a stop to so much pain, says Sicily to AMLO in the Zocalo

At the conclusion of the Walk for Truth, Justice and Peace that began in Cuernavaca on January 23rd, the poet and activist Javier Sicilia sent a message to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, that it is necessary to put a stop to so much pain, humiliation and so much lies, with a state policy that unites all Mexicans.
“Our house, Mexico, and the flag we have brought these days is full of death, disappearances, pits, lies and impunity. They murder our children, young people, women, old men. We know you’re not responsible, President,” Sicily said at the Zocalo, after the morning march from the Estela de Luz area in Mexico City.
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“But the fact that you have turned your back on the agenda of peace, justice and truth, which you committed to fulfill in December 2018 at an encounter with relatives in Tlatelolco. the fact that you reduced peace to a security issue has maintained the networks of complicity of the state with criminals,” he added.
Sicily called on President López Obrador to be criminalizing migrants, “this has nothing to do with that good thing your government is looking for”, and also for having made the decision not to be present to receive the Walk.
“Today you are not present because of serious prejudice towards the victims, to those who have been reduced to a show. The transformation of the country must be based on peace, justice and truth. It’s not easy. But not doing so will make violence always reinin, ” said Sicily.
“As we walk here we have done our duty with what we will always stand for: our conscience and our love for the victims. You, on the other hand, as president, can walk towards horror, or unite us in a policy based on the union of all Mexicans.
We leave you with the security cabinet, which has nothing to do with this walk, poetry for you to meditate on, and documents with the transitional justice proposal,” he added.
“You decide, President, which side of history you walk on.” 
Here you can read the full positioning of Sicily, disseminated by the Peace Movement.
In his time Adrián LeBarón called for the unit.
“In this same march there are intellectual differences, but we march together and that is the first step to the heart. Together we beat the fear. In a hug the hearts touch,” he said in the Zocalo.
“Mexico is throbbing. And the hugged hearts are reconciled. This is a march of reconciliation and hope. We’ve been having 15 years of war and we’re still not reconciled, what’s wrong with us? We are not chairos, nor fifis, we are human beings fighting to live. We don’t want to survive anymore, Mexico. That’s why I cry out to the government and the whole country, the first step to peace is reconciliation,” he added.
After these positions, a commission of the Walk entered the National Palace, to hand over to the Security Cabinet the proposal of transitional justice, and a flag with drawings of bullet impacts. Neither Sicily nor the LeBarón entered.

With information from Manu Ureste 
Photos: Alejandro Ponce
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