translated from Spanish: Public Prosecution S. officials criticize Abbott management after Arias removal

The Federation of Officials of the Public Prosecutor’s Office swooped against the national prosecutor, Jorge Abbott, after the misstep he suffered from the Supreme Court’s rejection of the O’Higgins regional prosecutor’s request for removal, Emiliano Arias.In a statement, the Federation considered that it is «necessary to review all the processes in which the national prosecutor has requested the dismissal of some official or civil servant of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, as this verdict of the Supreme Court of Justice makes clear fabric of judgment any previous process, leaving in uncertainty whether the resources and legal tools within our institution are indeed being used correctly, which without control, can be a serious danger to those who report situations of possible corruption or ill-treatment of labour.» «It is important to remember that this organization of workers has twice denounced the National Prosecutor, Jorge Abbott Charme, for anti-union practices, for the persecution of some of our directors and directors of the guild,» they added. The statement contends that the work of the Public Prosecutor’s Office «has been called into question» as to whether or not the constitutional mandate governing, which compels us to investigate the facts objectively and impartially, not to mention that we consider to be extremely serious the profound damage that has been done to the image and credibility of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and of all of us who perform in it, so those responsible for this harm to the service should be investigated, so those responsible for this harm to the service should be investigated , starting with those who run it.» Finally, this verdict makes clear the need for an external control mechanism, which monitors the agency’s main resolutions and avoids possible abuse or arbitrariness,» they said. Finally, the Federation of Officials called on the Government to solve «the problems that the institution is dragged on and that are at the knowledge of the Minister of Justice (Hernán Larraín), including increased endowment, external labour control, resources for training in criminal persecution and human rights, modification to the selection processes of senior authorities of the Public Prosecutor’s Office through the standard of high public management and the elimination of positions of trust, recognition and payment of assignment incentive benefit to retirement, among other demands.»

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