translated from Spanish: [VIDEO] Aces took stock of the PSU surrender day and called for «continues to mobilize»

The spokesmen of the Secondary Student Coordinating Assembly (Aces), Victor Chanfreau and Ayelén Salgado, referred to the balance made by the Board of Rectors regarding the surrender of the PSU of Mathematics.Through the official account of the and Instagram of the Aces, they stated that «the Demre, the CRUch and the Government lie and blaantly, we have seen how they have just announced that in only three establishments the PSU was suspended when we saw that the day of protests was national and massive against this p segregated wheel.» For his part, Salgado stated that «today they come to tell us as if nothing has happened when everyone and we all saw the irregularities that this process had today» and listed a series of complaints that include applicants that «they didn’t even have a table» , «that they changed their premises at the last minute» and «that they had to take the test with tear bombs outside.» We saw with each of these episodes that the surrender of this trial was totally humiliating,» he added. In addition, Victor Chanfreau criticized Carabineros for safeguarding the evidence and called it «political irresponsibility.» Finally, his peer stated that «we saw with each of these episodes that it was totally humiliating the surrender of this trial,» he added.

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