translated from Spanish: Emiliano Arias called supreme court decision «blunt» and assured that «it was the first big step»

As «blunt» he called the suspended prosecutor of the O’Higgins Region, Emiliano Arias, the Supreme Court’s decision to reject Jorge Abbott’s application for removal against him. At a press conference, the persecutor valued the outcome, ensuring that he and his defense are «satisfied and confident about what comes next, that this continues to come before the courts of justice so that they are the ones who decide, what this is and that I have said from the outset: abusive, unfair and illegal procedures. It was the first big step (…) on the plenary of the Supreme Court there is nothing. He said, there’s no merit for removal.» As for his future in the Public Prosecutor’s Office, he stated that it is an issue that he should discuss, although, he advanced that «the decision I am going to make is not made with me in mind, but in the interest of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, whether i have to resign or i have to follow». And there are still procedures against him. In this sense Arias replied that «the suspensions decreed by the prosecutor have prevented me from protecting the victims». Under this very look, he questioned the system. «There can be no powers that don’t have any kind of control(…) Only through the Supreme Court could the injustices I have been subjected to be reviewed for the first time.» He finally made a reflection on the process, ensuring that there is now «fighting to the end. I have endured with quite a temper, thanks to the support. (…) Justice has been done in part.»

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