translated from Spanish: IACHR visits Lo Hermida in the midst of a demonstration against the sub-commissioner of the commune

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) made a series of visits across the country, specifically from Arica to Temuco, when 100 days have passed since the social outburst. During the day, they witnessed a demonstration outside the Hermida sub-commission accused of repression and excessive harassment.
According to CNN Chile, the commission began the day by visiting the town Lo Hermida in Peñalolén, where testimonies were taken from neighbors of the sector, there was also a meeting with leaders and they also visited the sub-commissioner of the commune, which was denounced by excessive use of force. At the time, the IACHR witnessed protesters throwing tear bomb and Balinese cartridges into the police compound.
The tour was also made up of members of the National Institute of Human Rights, who insisted that Carabineros have not complied with the protocols.
With regard to the filing of legal proceedings, the lawyer of the INDH, Gabriel Aguirre, noted that in Peñalolén 10 have been filed, of which 7 are for torture or prescion, one is for torture with rape and two for thwarted murder. All are aimed at establishing criminal liability for Carabineros officials.

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