translated from Spanish: Lawsuits have already been resolved, we demand return of facilities: UNAM

All administrative demands have been resolved and reports of gender-based violence are addressed and investigated, “WE demand the return of the facilities” that have been occupied, to return to academic activities, the Secretary General of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Leonardo Lomelí Vanegas, said in a statement on Monday.
Since last November, UNAM campus students have started unemployed efforts to demand anti-bullying measures for students and that teachers who have engaged in gender-based violence or other abuse of power be punished. Until this Monday, the stoppage continued on high school campuses 7, 9 and 3, and at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters.
Although dialogue tables have been held, students have pointed out that all their demands are not yet met, such as ensuring that there will be no reprisals against the students who have taken part in the protests.
“We understand that women and men who have been violent and violent do not want to wait, but we also urge them to understand that it is not possible to move forward without the corresponding legal procedures for the reasoned settlement of the lawsuits and complaints filed.
After several weeks of dialogue we consider that we have reached a point where the demands of the request specifications are resolved or in the process of being resolved through processes that will require a follow-up agreed by the parties. We reiterate the willingness of the university authorities to establish monitoring mechanisms to ensure their full compliance,” said the Secretary-General of UNAM.
“We have reached a point where it is not possible to move forward if closure, misunderstanding and intolerance are put before the settlement of legitimate demands, but which require the participation of communities.
“That is why we demand the return of the facilities that have been occupied to return to the academic activities that are the very essence of the University. Only with open campuses and the committed participation of the community will it be possible to eradicate gender-based violence and other behaviors that violate the safety and harmony of the university community,” he added.
Prolonged shutdowns, the official continued, “tend to polarize communities, generate encones and weaken our community fabric, and that should not happen to us. Today’s events in High School 9 are the expression of the hartago of students, teachers and parents for an unemployment that has been prolonged even though the University has already responded favorably to all the points of the request specification and that the community of that campus has been expressed mostly by the return to school.  This is also the case in High School 7, where the community has expressed itself overwhelmingly by the resumption of courses.”
On Monday, parents and students clashed with young people who stay inside High School 9, demanding that they now release the facilities. After moments of tension, they agreed to have a dialogue table on Wednesday.
“The immediate return of the occupied campuses is required, with the conviction that legitimate demands have been met and that thousands of students who want to resume their studies are being affected. Let’s go back in the spirit of solving problems fairly and collegely. Let us return with a commitment to resolve with intelligence and responsibility the outstanding subjects in the field of gender-based violence, but also with a commitment to maintain respect for all members of the university community”, concludes the message signed by Leonardo Lomelí Vanegas.
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