translated from Spanish: Peru Justice Issued 15 Months of Pre-trial Detention for Keiko Fujimori in the Face of Risk of Escape

Peru’s Justice on Tuesday has issued 15 months’ pre-trial detention for Popular Force (FP) leader Keiko Fujimori on Tuesday, a possible risk of escape, so she will have to return to prison two months after leaving while they continue investigations against him for the alleged illegal financing of his party through Brazilian construction company Odebrecht of the 2011 and 2016 election campaigns.Judge Victor Zúñiga Urday has accepted the requests of the Prosecutor’s Office, which he had requested in a 18 months, since he has considered that there was a real risk of flight. Thus, the magistrate has found evidence that Fujimori, who witnessed the court ruling from his mother’s house, would have left more than 3 million soles (815,000 euros) undeclared.» This court finds a serious suspicion that the money that entered Force Popular originates from the company Odebrecht», has detailed Zúñiga Urday, for whom the request for pre-trial detention was an «appropriate», «necessary» and «proportional» measure. The magistrate has continued to explain how between December 2010 and April 2011, Fuerza Popular would have paid twice as much money as he had previously declared to the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE). In this regard, he added that there are «serious» suspicions that political training used third parties to sign donation receipts that they never actually made. Alberto Fujimori’s daughter assured, after deciding that she would not attend the hearing and that she would leave everything in the hands of her lawyer, that she would abide by the decision «with what is appropriate», according to what has been published by the Peruvian newspaper ‘El Comercio’. Keiko Fujimori left the Lima prison in late November, where she was being held after an 18-month pre-trial prison sentence was imposed on her in October 2018, while the trial was prepared for illegal financing and money laundering , in a plot in which Odebrecht would also be behind.» The Constitutional Court has corrected a great damage in a process full of abuses,» said Fujimori, who was accompanied by her husband and dozens of political followers.

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