translated from Spanish: STOOPAS denies damage to services; demand wage increase according to employee needs

Celic Mendoza
The general secretary of the Workers’ Union of The Operator of Drinking Water, Sewerage and Sanitation Of Morelia (STOPPAS), Alejandro Saldaña Plascencia assured that the protest held a couple of days ago was symbolic, without harm to services to the Public.
The above, he noted, in the absence of attention from the director to resolve violations of the collective agreement and the abandonment of the working tables by not going to the meeting that he himself arranged, the union decided to make a peaceful demonstration which did not affected the operation of the Agency, «since the Staooapas has always been managed responsibly, taking care at all times of the operation of the agency and privileging service to the citizens».
At a press conference, recalling that there was no pay increase for workers last year and on the contrary they accepted the reduction in benefits, which allowed the agency to recover, he noted that they would not accept the 3 per cent increase that the director imposed.
Realizing that office-taking was symbolic, as they were even closed with a cardboard and diurex, I regret the position of the general management itself that is said to be open to dialogue to negotiate however they are only intended to impose a wage percentage helped by biased and painful practices such as the preparation of made-up budgets such as the revenue budget that gave rise to it punished it downwards to generate an unfavourable picture that justifies not meeting minimum commitments with the base Worker.

«Recently the director stated that the expenditures of the agency’s workers represent 62% of the budget for the 2020 financial year which is another lie does not give him the accounts since the total budget of the agency for the current financial year of 825 million pesos and the commitment to workers according to the authorized budget is 412 billion pesos the reality is that it only represents 49.9%,» he said.

A year after signing a momentous agreement, he noted, those who manage the agency have not been able to care for it.
It reaffirmed the union’s position to bring about a transparent agreement through dialogue that, whether fair to workers, without harming the agency’s finances, which are in full recovery, he said, thanks to the grassroots effort worker;  «We are in favour of an increase in line with the effort made by the guild and the results obtained by the contributions and savings achieved».
So he urged the director to conduct himself with the truth and stop making biased statements, «we demand that he stop deceiving public opinion with his opening speech to dialogue as he has a week without a meeting with the union.»

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