translated from Spanish: Three Edomex women disappear after attending party in Hidalgo

Hidalgo.- Three women from the State of Mexico disappeared on January 10th after attending a party at the Amajac spa, located in the municipality of Atotonilco, in Hidalgo.Se is Mary del Pilar Oliva Avendaño, 23 years old; Mariana Lesli Flores Pacheco, 19, and Megan Renata Hernández Ochoa, 18, for whose disappearances the Mexican authorities have issued search bulletins.

It should be said that the three young women have similar characteristics: they are single mothers, thin and have tattoos. 

María del Pilar Oliva is 23 years old. Picture: FGJ

His relatives assured that after losing contact with them they reported the disappearances to the authorities, however, they had to start the search on their own, as the procedure for issuing the bulletins was complicated.

Mariana Lesli Flores is 19 years old. Picture:FGJ

In their investigations, they contacted a person in a mechanical workshop in Ecatepec, located on the Valle de México route, who assured them that they knew one of the women, and that they had been to that establishment on the morning of January 11, showing them a video as alleged evidence.

Megan Hernandez is 18. Picture: FGJ

However, there is no further indication of them or their whereabouts after that date, so it is feared that their integrity is at risk and the collaboration of the public is requested to locate them.

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