translated from Spanish: Tito Fernandez’s wife raged during morning interview

Last Friday, Tito Fernández was awarded the formalization of 19 March and after this the morning «Hello Chile» of La Red went to his home to interview him about it. But his wife, Lu Rivera, became enraged on screen. The event happened when the morning man’s panelist, Edward of the Church, told Lu Rivera, Tito’s wife: «It is good that you tell us, when the folder is opened, because we will find things that are going to surprise us and that will work in favor of the defense of Titus Fernandez, because they’re proposing that there’s a kind of three-person coordination here to denounce it. In court you have to arrive with evidence, if you say that in the folder there will be a record that will dump the complaint, Tito Fernandez and his honor must be intact, but if the other way around there are backgrounds that corroborate it, he has to pay in jail…» This infuriated Lu Rivera, who replied «of course, poh, and that’s what you press are waiting for, aren’t you? How they’d like it!» For his part, Fernandez commented on his state of health saying «I have knee pains, I find it difficult to move, they have to help me to go to the bathroom. I never imagined being in this state, but it came. Well, life is like that.» Still, he clarified that «I’m a little better in the mood, because justice has already taken the next step that is formalization, and that’s going to allow me to clear up a few things a little bit, because a lot of lies have been told here…».» The Temucano» insisted on his innocence stressing that «I had sex with these women, but they were consensed. It has been said that I have a sect… what is that? Where’d you get that? It’s absurd, it’s a cluster of absurdities that I can’t even put them together.»

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