translated from Spanish: «To respond to fake news» AMLO aims to extend lectures at weekends

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Mexico.- The president of Mexico has proposed extending his morning conference until the weekends so that «fake news» questions are answered.
It is a possibility and mentioned it after referring to the supply of medicines for children with cancer that has generated accusations back and forth for days.
During ‘the morning’ Obrador emphasized that every Tuesday you will have the section «The Pulse of Health» where health authorities will have to give a report of the progress on the matter and will also respond to «slander, lies, alarms and false news».
«And if they go on like this and don’t reach us from Monday to Friday, there’s going to be Saturday and Sunday mornings, but we’re not going to leave them spaces for misinformation, for manipulation,» he said.
«But why have we been clearing up for so long? I mean, why so long? Lol
«Maybe, if necessary, Saturday and Sunday too morning, so that nothing is left unclear and that the rumor is not given up, that we can respond quickly. And if something is false, clarify it; if it’s true, meet the demand,» he stressed.
López Obrador said that it «helps a lot» that there are critics because this does not hide anything and helps to be vigilant, resolve and do their duty.

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