translated from Spanish: Arrested the Director of the Municipal Police of Cuitzeo and 6 other elements for his possible involvement in homicide

Naomi Carmona

Morelia, Michoacán.- The Attorney General of Justice of Michoacán, Adrián López Solís, reported on the arrest of seven elements of the Municipal Police of Cuitzeo, for his possible involvement in the murder of a woman.
At a press conference, the owner of the Public Prosecutor’s Office reported that this morning an arrest warrant was enforced against the director of the police of that municipality and 7 other elements.
Investigations led by the Feminicide Unit indicated that on November 04 last year, the victim was deprived of his liberty by several armed persons and injured inside his home.
The female textile trader was climbed into a private van with support from the elements and her assailants withdrew from the site escorted by municipal patrols.
The victim’s lifeless body was located the next day – November 05- at 11:00 hours on the Michoacán-Guadalajara highway at the height of the aforementioned municipality. Necropsy indicated that the cause of death was asphyxiation.
In the face of evidence, the court of justice requested the arrest warrant against 7 elements, including the director of the Municipal Police of Cuitzeo for his possible participation in the event. The detainees were transferred to the local prison «Dr. David Franco Rodríguez» located in the capital of Michoacán.
López Solís reported that the elements were secured the cover weapons at the time of their arrest and the investigative folders remain open to prove the involvement of the detainees in other criminal acts.
The State Attorney mentioned his dissatisfaction with which public servants participate in such criminal events.
«It is certainly a fact that we are not pleased with, that public servants in charge of security are who finds a participation in the framework of investigations.»

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