translated from Spanish: Burning rubbish brings annoying neighbors

Angostura, Sinaloa.- Although the ejido Agustina Ramírez, in the municipality of Angostura, is a quiet place, there is no shortage of problems mainly in some services, as is the case of garbage collection more than anything, situation that leads to another one that affects many affects, such as the burning of garbage. Mrs. Cristina Sánchez, neighbor of the Angosturense town, points out that the collection cart does pass through the village, but nothing else takes away the garbage that people leave in coastal expenses and the rest is left there.
But Cristina says that the problem does not stop there, because the workers do not take all the waste, there are people who burn those who are left there in the courtyards of their homes and, although they are made a wake-up call, their argument is that they are on their property, even though the smoke affects those who live around; that is why the commissioner of the ejido is subjected to complaints on this issue.

Occasionally, drinking water service does not work as it should. / Photograph: Daniel Ayala EL DEBATE

As for the public lighting service, Cristina expresses that, as everywhere, there is suddenly a lamp that does not turn on, but in general it is fine, «but not by the municipality, but because there is a Civic Council, which is the one that takes care of that, to give it maintenance, to be checking if any lamp fails and repair it», she adds and repairs it, and says that, if support is required from the City Council, they request it. In addition, the neighbor of the village qualifies it with a 9, because it is a quiet place and with some benefits also, as is the pavement on the main street, where the primary school is located, since it indicates that it is a great advantage, because before it was a disaster when it rained and it was very difficult to get to the school.
There’s no way it’s all right. Thank God, there’s no violence. It can be considered a quiet place.»

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