translated from Spanish: Negative sun cases of coronavirus in Edomex

Edomex.- The two suspected cases of coronavirus that had been detected in the State of Mexico have been classified as negative by the Institute of Diagnostics and Epidemiological References (InDRE). It was the head of the Health Secretariat, Gabriel O’Shea Cuevas, who confirmed this information and detailed that the patients in question were a 27-year-old woman and a 14-year-old teenager.

The woman had arrived in the country on 18 January on a flight from Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the new strain, after which she began to suffer some of the respiratory symptoms. As for the teenager, he had had close contact with the woman, and eight days later he began symptomatology. Both were isolated to prevent contagion and initiate the corresponding analyses.

Patients suspected of being infected with coronavirus should be kept isolated to prevent contagion to others. Photo: AFP

In this way, nine suspected cases of coronavirus have already been detected and discarded in Mexico. The other states where they had been detected were: two cases in CDMX, three in Jalisco, one in Tamaulipas and one in Michoacán; all of them negative. O’shea Cuevas also stressed that InDRE staff maintain surveillance at Toluca International Airport and medical units in the country in order to detect people with suspicious symptoms in time. Screening focuses on people with a history of having been in China or one of the countries with recently confirmed cases.

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