translated from Spanish: Raúl Morón pledges to take action for the well-being of adolescents in Morelia

Morelia, Michoacán.- In order to have a performance that permeated society from the work of municipal authorities, the municipal president, Raúl Morón Orozco in the company of the director of the Moreliana Youth Institute, Denisse Chantal Paulín Nateras, established the Municipal Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Group.
In the face of this action, the Mayor advocated to carry out a planned work for the well-being of adolescence and avoid cases of unwanted pregnancies and find the most frequent causes of why this social scourge arises in the municipality that he called as an event traumatic for children 12 years and older who face this problem and families.
Morón Orozco decided why the different municipal areas and actors involved in the formation of this Group, carry out a well-planned and objective work defined as soon as possible to assign responsibilities in the future month of February of the present Year. It also requested a timely evaluation and monitoring of the work of the working committees formed within the City Council.
For her part, the iJUM owner, Denisse Chantal Paulín, stressed that Morelia is above the national average for unwanted pregnancies and hence the importance of publicizing the rights of sexual reproduction, contraception and that different programs reach communities with high marginalization rates in the municipality.
He said that the instruction of the mayor, Raúl Morón, in this area is to promote education, prevention and support young people in a committed way in order to generate a strategy with the aim of lowering the indexes and taking Morelia out of the national place it occupies and social scourge.
In addition, the director of the Michoacán State Population Council, Elizabeth del Carmen Juárez Cordero, who will serve as the Group’s technical secretary, said that this action will allow Morelia to join the national strategy to prevent such cases of unwanted pregnancies from sexual violence and different factors.
This municipal group will be integrated by municipal units such as the Municipal DIF System, the Municipal Institute for The Substantive Equality of Women (IMUJERIS), the Directorate of Health, Union and Regidores.

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