translated from Spanish: Senior activists create THE PAF and seek to participate in new Constitution

In the Whatsapp groups – which emerged after the collective Las Tesis Senior performed massively at the Estadio Nacional – the idea of forming a political party was created to actively participate in the possible drafting of a new So, on December 9, seven women participated in the first assembly in Rosa Moreno’s house to devise what could be a feminist party, two days later, 70 women who did not know each other attended the meeting. Ultimately, with national participation, the foundations of the Feminist Alternative Party (PAF) that was registered in the Electoral Service (Servel) finally emerged. We have added more than a thousand to this will to make sides (…) We believe that the new Constitution cannot be drafted without feminist presence,» said Rosa Moreno, president of PAF, a conglomerate that has women between the ages of 40 and 65 on her board. Although in the 114 signatures that gave the directive to servel there are no male names, Moreno assured hoxhoy that this is because it was decided in the assembly that the assembly was decided that those who formed the party were women, however, they will later accept «everyone who accepts our principles.» The ninth party, which has been on the line up since 18 October, has guidelines relating to feminism, freedom, inclusion, equal rights, dignity and the dissolution of the patriarchal system, among others. «A feminist world for everyone, everyone and all of us,» Moreno stressed.

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