translated from Spanish: ASE to audit more than 90 issues over its 2019

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- A total of 96 public bodies will be audited by the Superior State Audit for the review of the 2019 fiscal year.In coordination with the State Congress Control Committee, the Superior State Audit agreed schedule for the 2020 audit programme 43 more reviews than in the previous year, between specific, financial and performance.

What made the difference was that the Members of the Commission asked the ASE to break down the audit of the State Executive by Secretariat, as this had been proposed as one. Around 60,9 billion pesos will be audited, among all the audits to be implemented, said the chairman of the Control Committee, Marco Antonio Zazueta. It will be until January 31 that the ASE will be able to make public the 2020 audit program.Entes to monitor
Among the bodies that will be audited this year are those that, by force, have to be reviewed, as is the case of the town halls and universities. However, there are others that were considered to be monitored, such as the Secretariat of Public Security, the Secretariat of Public Works, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Administration and Finance, the General of Government, the Social Development, the Economy and Tourism, in addition to the Secretariat of Transparency and Accountability. The prisons of Aguaruto, Los Mochis and Mazatlan will also be monitored.The Institute of the Public Defender’s Office, the Sinaloa Catastral, the Social Communication Directorate, the Sinaloa representative office in Mexico City, the Delegation of Foreign Relations and even the State and Municipal System Anticorrupción.Al catalog are joined by the Autonomous University of Sinaloa and the Autonomous University of the West, as well as Precasin. Works are also included. Marco Zazueta commented that, with the separation of the Secretariats, the program increased by 23 audits that would have to be submitted as individual reports once the review process was completed.

List of bodies to be monitored
Public Safety
Ministry of Public Works
Ministry of Agriculture
Secretariat of Administration and Finance
Directorate of Social Communication
UAS and UAdeO
Drinking Water Boards

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