translated from Spanish: Daniel Stingo won Mega’s job suit and will receive million-dollar compensation

The Court of Appeal upheld Daniel Stingo’s wrongful dismissal lawsuit against Mega, the compensation consisting of nearly 20 million pesos. The ruling details that «the fact that the professional performance at honorary is not consistent with a provision of services as described, that is, under subordination and dependence, with an obligation of daily assistance, complying with schedules, orders and instructions in the way to provide the services and in the payment methods, subject to audit, with the right to a holiday, and carrying out any other activity that its leadership considers relevant and that clearly escapes the mere advice as it has intended to see». It states that «the lawsuit brought by Daniel Rodrigo Stingo Camus against Red Televisiva Megavisión S.A. is welcomed, accordingly declaring that the dismissal of which the actor was subject, has been without legal and unjustified cause and therefore condemned to the defendant to pay the plaintiff.» The document then details the benefits to be paid by the private channel, which amounts to $19,909,963 for gross salary that reached $4,444,444 between January 2016 and January 2017.

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