translated from Spanish: Salmon has exceeded the mortality capacity in its growing centres by 80%: SMA has already taken measures

At the Quenaq-Huilque, Taucolon and Butachauques Salmon Fattening Centers (CES), located in Chonchi, Los Lagos region, the Superintendency of the Environment (SMA) detected an 80% exceeded its capacity of Death burning. The three centers belong to the same company: Salmones Antarctica S.A.
On 23 January, The Sernapesca informed the Superintendency of the anomalous amount of mortality of the aforementioned CES. The Service also noted «a clear deficiency in the procedures for handling such events, keeping decaying death inside the rafts-cage,» the SMA said.
The violation of Salmones Antarctica S.A is a potential danger to marine biodiversity, as it can cause the spread of high-risk diseases, affecting native species of the place.
SMA has already adopted provisional measures against salmon. Once notified, the firm shall act immediately, first by withdrawing the floating and existing mortality at the bottom of the cages of the three CES, and then safely disposing of mortality.
Within seven working days, salmon must also «send a daily report of the withdrawal of mortality in each of the three individualized CES, detailing the activities with the respective georeferenced means of verification (photographs), and ships used for this purpose,» they explain from the SMA.
In addition to this, Salmones Antártica S.A. will have to submit two other daily reports. One must contain the mortality provision by delivering a certificate of receipt issued by the final destination. The other must account for the situation of the seabed by using ROV (remotely managed submersible vehicle), with georeferenced points, under the cages and the concession for each CES. The latter will be sent after a period of 15 working days from the sMA’s notification.

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