translated from Spanish: Benjamin Gil often went to follow the feast

Culiacan.- The Strategist of the Tomateros, Benjamin Gil knows what it is to win a championship and also knows how to follow the feast but everything has to continue with a good meal. After the feast of the title 12 of the Tomateros obtained hours before Deer in the field of the Guinda Nation Stadium, Benjamin Gil was caught in a local often in the market of the city where in addition to the prolonged feast had time to liven the morning singing some songs. 
All this happened very early before the team left for Culiacan International Airport to undertake their journey to San Juan, Puerto Rico in the face of the Caribbean series. This is not the first time that Benjamin himself along with players and part of the team have been captured consuming food in the market, in the championship achieved in the 2017-2018 season also after the holiday they continued in the birria but that occasion there was problems with the riots caused by themselves. 
Now the balance was white and they only dedicated themselves to tasting the food dish to charge energy and begin their journey to Caribbean lands in search of the tenth championship of Mexico in the joust. Mexico debuts tomorrow when it faces the Dominican Republic in the second game of the billboard, the game will start at the point of 12:30 time in central Mexico. 

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