translated from Spanish: Living and breathing in the violent Ground Zero: Plaza de la Dignidad and its surrounding streets

Every morning, cleaning officers of the Municipality of Santiago walk through the streets of the so-called Zero Zone, with the aim of grooming and providing some normality to the sector, after the demonstrations that have been
conducted in Santiago from October 18, 2019.
This action eliminates many of the vestiges of the violence and repression with which Carabineros de Chile acts, without targeting and directly affecting all those living in the sector (children and adults
including), making it a new slaughter zone, as the locals emphatically pointed out.
Neighbors of this old and traditional Santiaguino neighborhood – made up of the Forest Park and Merced streets, Bueras, Irene Morales, Ramón Corvalán, Vicuña Mackenna, Namur and Avenida Alameda-, tired already of the zero response of authority and the physical consequences and emotional who are suffering with the actions of Carabineros in the area, were organized and from Saturday 18 January collected early some remains of tear bombs, pellets and other weapons used during the demonstrations of the previous day, and then place them in front of the Museum of Visual Arts. The idea, they explained in the neighborhood, is to raise «awareness about what they live and breathe daily.»
In this way, they added, valuable backgrounds have been compiled into the violence against him by Special Forces uniforms.
This effort is made as soon as dawn and before the municipal cleaning teams withdraw the evidence.
Neighbours have already reported these assaults on multiple official channels, but to date they have had no formal response. «We’ve exhausted all the formal instances and now all we have to do is take pictures,» they complained

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