translated from Spanish: Segovia: «FIFA admits the denunciation of the Spanish Union and begins the research process on the ANFP».

Jorge Segovia, owner of Unión Española, claimed that FIFA admitted the complaint filed by the Hispanic club against the ANFP, following the controversy over Chile 4’s coupo for the Copa Libertadores 2020.Segovia through his Twitter account secured that «FIFA admits the complaint of the Spanish Union and begins the research process on the ANFP». Despite the stated by the Spanish entrepreneur, the governing body of world football and the body based in Quilín have not commented on it. Those of Plaza Chacabuco claim that the last place of the Copa Libertadores belonged to them, because the 2019 season was given by the end, including the Chile Cup, a contest awarded by Chile 4.In addition, they argue that their position is argued by the regulation and in the best performance they would have had in the local tournament, in disarray of University of Chile, the other aspirant to this place. However, the ANFP did not end the Copa Chile, scheduling the semi-finals and final, in which Unión Española did not show up to the duel with the «blues», and that finally colo Colo won.It should be remembered that the «U» was left with the controversial Chile 4, since the «albos and U. Catali were already qualified for the Copa Libertadores for what they did in the National Championship.

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