translated from Spanish: They leave a dismembered and a bagged in El Carmen de Zamora

home Security They leave a dismembered and a bagged in El Carmen de Zamora

Zamora, Michoacán.- On the morning of this Friday, inhabitants of the colony El Carmen made the discovery of a dismembered corpse, which was placed by its victims inside black plastic bags and left on the public road. Together with the victim, the authorities secured a message of threat.
In this regard it was known that about 07:00 hours, neighbors of Nicolás Regules street left their homes to start their working day, however almost corner with López Rayón, they observed the «bulto» that also had a blanket, realizing that it was appreciated a human torso so they immediately asked for the presence of the police.
Therefore, elements of the Municipal Police and the National Guard arrived at the site, who effectively found the deceased lying half way away, proceeding to cordon off the area in attachment to the chain of custody.
From the narcomessage was not revealed its contents since it is matter of investigation, however contacts close to the case revealed that it is about the dispute that there are between rival criminal groups in this area of the entity,
So far greater characteristics of the now-west are ignored, only mentioned that it is a male person, whose remains once the court-martials were completed were transferred to the Forensic Medical Service in this city.

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