translated from Spanish: «We’ve already rescued Pemex from failure and bankruptcy»: AMLO

«We have already rescued Pemex from failure, bankruptcy,» President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said this Saturday.
«Already intervened in Pemex and already last year for the first time oil production does not fall, and we have already started the recovery, oil production is already increasing,» he held at a rally with workers from the Federal Commission and Electricity at the Mérida II thermoelectric plant.
Although on 29 January, Pemex director Octavio Romero acknowledged that they did not meet the planned production targets for 2019, López Obrador based his confidence that the fall in oil production has stopped.
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«Fourteen consecutive years oil production fell. They said that with energy reform we were going to be extracting 3 million barrels a day of crude for this time and they gave us the government with a million 620 thousand barrels, in a slump,» he said.
The president presented an energy project for the Yucatan Peninsula with the construction of two pipeline sections and two power plants.
At the rally, it undertook to revise the collective agreement of CFE workers to reduce the retirement age which was extended with the past energy reform of 30 years of service or 55 years of age, to 40 and 65.
«We are going to review what was done wrong, not because of the leaders, but it was the circumstances, the leaders were very soft, because they squeezed a lot, now there is a different relationship and we are going to look for a way to get things back to the way they were before that reform, with the commitment that you will continue to apply,» he said, according to the newspaper Reforma.
With information from Reforma 
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