translated from Spanish: Caring for displaced people is a priority: Sedeso

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Care for displaced persons is a priority for the Secretariat for Social Development (Sedeso) where in the fiscal year 2019 there was a budget allocation amounting to 30 million pesos that were invested in the purchase of land, supports health care as well as funeral expenses, pantries and stoves, among others, which have gone directly to displaced families, said the Secretary for Social Development of the State Government, Ricardo Madrid Pérez.Indicated that at the moment we have a register of 1,007 families in this condition who have not only been visited directly but have been visited in the communities where the displacement occurred.» We have engaged in direct and constant communication with each of the groups and we have gone to see them directly, this is a substantial part to be able to have the feeling and reasoning in the decision-making but in addition to this we have not stayed to where more to give they are now but we go to the communities where the displacement took place,» he said. Madrid Pérez added that substantive solutions are being sought so an intersecretary working table has been set up that meets regularly to follow up on each displaced person and that the appeal provided by the State Congress has been implemented transparently and in accordance with normativeity.» This has allowed us to have land and grounds that are a reality and the displaced now feel that they have a great answer that they had not had on that ten-, fifteen-year-old walk; It is a work of great field, of great contact but above all making the decisions directly with the displaced and aginating every penny, every peso, for a person who is effectively displaced and that the resource arrives to change their day to day,» he added. Conference of Support Also, Ricardo Madrid Pérez indicated that with the support days have benefited more than 190 thousand Sinaloenses throughout the state and that at the moment 121 days have been held in different points of Sinaloa.» We are not focused on (the community) being large, small, close or far away, we have had days of support in San José de Gracia in the Sierra de Sinaloa or in the Jewel in the Sierra de San Ignacio as we have had at the head of Ahome or Mazatlan and Culiacan.» He mentioned that on average a Sinaloense does up to three services per day where they can perform from specialized medical services such as a mastography or ultrasound to a basic service such as a haircut or the delivery of a food pantry.» We have set ourselves the priority of staying close to vulnerable sectors and that is why we generate the days for indigenous, fishing, displaced communities, impact directly and immediately and the citizen makes use of a service,» he added.

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