translated from Spanish: College of Teachers demands a return to school without Minister Cubillos in Mineduc

The College of Teachers made a critical assessment of the performance of the Minister of Education, Marcela Cubillos, and raised the need for the country to have a new authority to the country at the time of restarting of educational activities in March ministry. The Magisterium argues a lack of agenda, projects, dialogue with educational actors and responsiveness as the main shortcomings of the minister questioned.» There is no single bill in Congress that has to do with improving work in the classroom, improving school conditions, improving infrastructure, improving teaching materials, improving the working conditions of teachers ( …) The only projects that have materialized in the field of work are the result of a 51-day stoppage, not on the initiative of the minister,» said Mario Aguilar, president of the College of Teachers.For his part, the national leader of the Magisterium, Hugo Gerter, stated that «Today all Chile describes that a new moment is being lived, there is certainly a change of stage, there is a new sensibility that is being expressed, obviously also in Education. And the actors of education have been protagonists and drivers of this transformation and these changes. And what has been the role of the minister in this context? Just a role of resistance, of cap, of not wanting to give way to these demands, of not wanting to listen to these demands and, obviously, of not giving solution and response to these demands,» he said. In turn, the director of the Department of Women and Gender of the teaching guild, Magdalena Reyes, stated that «in the National Assembly the Minister’s attitude regarding the criminalization that has been done against our students was repudiated. As a teacher, as teachers, we refuse and cannot remain silent in the face of the Minister’s attitude. The rights of our young people have been violated, they are imprisoned, criminalized and we, teachers and also mothers, flatly reject that. So, as a teacher, as a woman, I say out Cubillos!» she emphasized.

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