translated from Spanish: Families revere the virgin of the Candelaria before their day in Quilá

Culiacan, Sinaloa.- Since he was fourteen years old, Don Nicolás Heredia has continued the tradition of going to ask the virgin of the Candelaria to keep her family together and to give them health. Accompanied by their daughters and other pilgrims, they walked from Higueras de Abuya to the trade union of Quilá, for many years they have followed this tradition and now at their age will not be an impediment.
I am a Catholic with all my heart, I have come from a very young age; I remember that when we came at that time it rained all the way and we would come on foot, on horse or donkey, but we would come

Nicholas said that there are already several miracles that the virgin has fulfilled and that is why he did all the pilgrimage, and even though there were times when he did think he could not, he did not stop and followed the walk until he reached his destination , where he avenged the virgin of the Candelaria. The family commented that they not only visit the church on these dates, but all year round they go and leave their offering, for I swear as part of their command.

The festivities of the virgin of Candelaria began from Thursday, and families have been seen coming to ask the virgin for miracles. García Zúñiga is another of the families who attended the previous festivity, since the important day is today, where different masses are held and more than 10 thousand parishioners come to pray to the virgin. Oralia, one of the family members, commented that they always came on Saturday nights, but now that her mother is sick they have three years coming in the morning, because there is not so much flow of people and it is easier to move the lady in her wheelchair.
For as long as I can remember we come to venerate the holy virgin, and now that my mother is sick, for more rightly we ask for her health

The family entered the church with floral offerings and a sculpture of the child God that is part of that miracle that they so desired were fulfilled by the virgin of the Candelaria.Great and boys could be observed inside the church, leaving their offering or simply praying to the virgin to grant them that miracle, or by fulfilling you command for one already fulfilled. What is also part of the tradition is the fair that is installed around the parish so that after praying to the virgin families can have fun.

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