translated from Spanish: Meaning of Capicúa: 02 02 2020

Today is the first capicúa day in 2020 and on social media thousands of people have already begun to ask what that word means.
Capicúa: Term that comes from the Catalan ‘cap’ and ‘cua’, the meaning of which translates as ‘head’ and ‘tail’, respectively.
The word refers to a numeric number that can be read without further complication from left to right or right to left. It is therefore a number that remains the same regardless of the direction in which it is read.

Mathematical Pildote:
A «capicúa» number is the one that reads equally from left to right as from right to left. The name has Catalan origin «cap i cua» (head and tail).
This Sunday, February 2nd the date is capicúa:
02 02 2020
— Ignacio Mantilla Prada (@MantillaIgnacio) February 1, 2020

02-02-2020, social media users have pointed out that in addition to capicúa date it will be a #PalindromeDay.
The hashtag refers to palindromes, which are words or phrases that are read equally from left to right or from right to left.
However, it should be noted that the word palindrome does not apply in numbers and its correct use is merely in words and phrases. On the other hand, the word palindrome comes from the Greek ‘palin dromein’, which means ‘go back’.

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