translated from Spanish: Morandé’s «Pirinoli» died with Company

During July last year the comedian Juan de la Cruz Castillo, better known as «Pirinoli», surprised everyone by being caught asking for alms in the center of the capital, despite having previously achieved fame with his participations in I moranded with Company. This situation clearly showed the precariousness in which the artist lived, whose death was confirmed during this day. Although the cause of his death is not yet known, if it was indicated that his remains will be veiled in the church Corazón de María, located at the intersection of Copiapó with Rye, in Santiago center. When Pirinoli was discovered the precarious situation, from the program Intruders asked him that it was due, to which he pointed out that he had not stopped working in Morandé with Company, since from time to time they still called him to work, however , was not a common thing, but «just a recording». From the same show business program, some members of Morandé were asked with Company about the dramatic situation the artist was experiencing, to which they pointed out that they were already aware and always trying to help him. One of them was Kurt Carrera, who said at the time that «I got the information, but we did a collection three months ago, and it was deposited. People don’t know the things we do, nor do they know what Kike does, but there’s always been support.» In fact, Juan Castillo himself confirmed at the time that from the program he was donated a sum of about 300 thousand pesos, but obviously that was not enough to keep him away from the streets where he asked for alms. Another who demonstrated on that occasion was Cristián Henríquez, who stated that «I am sick of ‘Pirinoli’, a great gentleman. I learned him to know well, he’s very nice and humble. It’s a shame, but those who have gone (from MCC) have always been supported on the outside.» On the other hand, the panelist of the show program who made the discovery of The situation of Pirinoli, Claudia Schmidt, stated the artist did not live in a street situation and that he was supported by his family, and that he simply liked to go out on the street and b aylate, for it made him happy.

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