translated from Spanish: Poor garbage collection service in culichi

Dump. Those who continue with the garbage collection ban are the neighbors of the Rafael Buelna colony in culichi, so they call on the municipal authorities to attend to the situation. Desperate. The breed that lives by Cuauhtémoc street in the Centro sector does not see by when the Jumapag retake the rehabilitation work of the section that was undermined by the bronca that is with the drainage pipe. The worst part is they say there’s no wool and they’ll have to wait. Trouble. Already chole with the pile of wasteland plots that are everywhere in the city of Los Mochis that just serve as a refuge for the malhabitants, breeding ground of crawling animals and clandestine garbage dumps. That Ahome City Council can’t do anything about it? CHAOS. Due to the large number of people who come to visit the Magic Village of Mocorito on weekends, it is a mess that is made in the first painting of the Historic Center, so the ruler Heidi Chairs pointed out that more vigilance is needed, but the joke is that in total s and has only three transits. And then? Unconcern. The port of Mazatlan enlists for Carnival, however the race suffers from the wave of assaults and not to vary from homicides. But Captain Federico Rivas, head of Public Security, is not inmutated, it seems that he is on letterhead.

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