translated from Spanish: Sebastian Lelio will participate in campaign production by Apruebo in the April plebiscite

Sebastián Lelio will participate in the production of the campaign by Apruebo for the plebiscite for a new Constitution, which will be held on April 26.
The director of «Gloria» and «A Fantastic Woman» told El Mercurio that «the fear of change and sowing fear as desperate political strategy, at this point almost synonymous with the right, they are fought with trust in the people of Chile, implicit in the call to create u new legitimate Constitution, conceived among all, in democracy.»
According to the Oscar winner this «is time to take responsibility, it is time for hope and it is time, above all, for courage».
For Lelio, the plebiscite «is the opportunity to make Chile an adult country. Faced with the atavistic selfishness of the shipwrecked model of the right, the constituent process is an invitation to rethink our ill-suffering and unjust society.»
According to the morning, Lelio will work ad honorem in the campaign of the command Que Chile Decide, formed by the Broad Front and independent.
It is worth mentioning that the campaign will also include the comedian Fabrizio Copano, the director Cristopher Murray – who led the campaign of Beatriz Sánchez-, Pablo Paredes, screenwriter of «El Reemplazante», Isabel Orellana, producer of «Never Going Alone», among Other.

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