translated from Spanish: The importance of vitamin D in fertility

Vitamin D has an importance in human reproduction. This has been demonstrated by specialists at the IVI Clinic, who have determined that women with deficiency of this vitamin, have a lower pregnancy rate than those with higher levels.
The handbook on Infertility and Assisted Reproduction, written by doctors Pellicer, Remohí and Requena, among others, shows that the deficiency of this vitamin in pregnancy is linked to an increased risk of development of preclampsia, diabetes and syndrome Metabolic. In addition, the presence of this vitamin is associated with a better ovarian reserve and the reduction of the risk of endometriosis.
Sequelae are also sequelae in children of women with this vitamin deficiency as it may affect postnatal development, associated with lung developmental problems at age 6. In addition, it is associated with neurocognitive difficulties at 10 years and an increased risk of eating disorders in adolescence,» explained Andrés Carvajal, specialist in Assisted Reproduction at the IVI Santiago Clinic.
However, the importance of Vitamin D is not unique to women, as it is also associated with higher semen quality for males.
How do I increase my Vitamin D reserve?
The most important source of absorption of Vitamin D is sun exposure, depending on various factors such as age, skin color, amount of exposed skin and duration of exposure. In the face of sun exposure, the body produces vitamin D.
It is also present in some foods, but in very low values, such as fatty fish, egg yolk, mushrooms and cheese.
«In the face of vitamin D deficiency, supplements may be indicated in the face of vitamin D deficiency. In these cases, the doctor should indicate them with caution as, in high concentrations, pregnant women may be associated with an increased risk of young children for their gestational age. The most natural way to improve vitamin D level is by adequately prolonging sun exposure time, always maintaining sun protection care for the skin,» concludes Dr. Carvajal

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