translated from Spanish: «They lived in hell»: old man killed his drug-addicted son with a shotgun

According to daily one, the tragic event took place in the town of Berisso, La Plata, Argentina. Specifically on the streets of the Nueva Hermosura neighborhood, where Fernando Zermoglio was killed by his own father, Mario Zermoglio, as revealed by a video from a security camera that captured the event, although it was originally thought that the murder was caused by a rectify of accounts. According to local authorities, the victim racked up more than 20 allegations of gender-based violence, criminal records of theft and multiple arrests for drug possession, and according to his father, the 44-year-old boy was on drugs since the age of 15, falling since then in a progressive addiction. As long as the older adult is a retiree, who has his wife almost immobilized by an illness and who lives next to her and a schizophrenic son. The situation was dramatic, as noted by the old man, who mentioned that on one occasion his son tried to stab him and his wife, apart from stealing valuables from them in order to solve their addictions. He also recounted that he bought a car from him with the intention of becoming a taxi driver and thus overcame the addictions, but at the time the car would have been set on fire for reasons unknown. The situation eventually reached a limit, culminating in the drastic action taken by the elder, who will be prosecuted for «murderer aggravated by the bond and the use of weapons», although he will remain at large during the trial as he is solely in charge of take care of his wife and son, both sick.

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