translated from Spanish: Cadem: 91% of Chileans believe mass demonstrations could return in March

This Sunday saw the last survey in January of the consultancy Plaza Pública-Cadem, which has shown a rise in support of a new Constitution. In this regard, 72% assured their intention to vote for the «apruebo», a figure that experienced six points more than the previous week. Likewise, «rejection» fell to 22%. As for the mechanism, 50 per cent targeted a Constituent Convention and 42 per cent on a Joint Convention.And in the context, 57 per cent said that the April plebiscite could be done in a context of relative normality and 43 per cent believe that it’s quite or quite likely to do so. While 70% said voter turnout is likely to increase during the entry referendum. DEMONSTRATIONSOn the other hand, 86% said they will excite «new pockets of extreme violence.» This adds to the 59% agreeing to continue demonstrations. And on the same lines, 91% of respondents believe that it is very or quite likely that they will «return mass mobilizations» in March or April; 9% who consider it little or nothing likely. APPROVAL Regarding the approval to the management of Sebastián Piñera fell one point from the previous measurement, ranking 11%. And in relation to disapproval he went up two points, scoring 80%.

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