translated from Spanish: From Adrian ‘Cap’ Anson to Manfred and Puello

Coral Gables, Florida. (VIP-WIRE).- “The serious thing is not that the ignorant destroy, but destroy by believing they build”… Joseph McKadew. Mr. Rob Manfred and Juan Puello…: I would have felt better if these letters ordered them to congratulate you on your good accomplishments as commissioners. But no. From this quiet here I watch them try to destroy baseball. And I don’t explain why or for what, because they’re both very well-waged via this show. By the way, Juan Vené said that you, Manfred, charge a million dollars a year, which was a mistake from that reporter, and I hasten to correct it. Because his annual salary is 25 million, or the income of 323 middle-class families. And more than a thousand 39 of the thousand 200 bigleaguers on the rosters of the 40. My maximum salary was three thousand dollars per season. A million charged Bud Selig when he reached that position, you change baseball rules with a galloping ignorance of the game. One must make positive changes. I, between 1871 and 1887, my years as manager-hairdresser, invented spring trainning, hit and run and was the first baseman to play outside the pad. That was necessary. I also did wrong by imposing racial discrimination in the major leagues in 1884. I’m sorry, but it was something from the time that I thought it was necessary. Don’t keep making blondes, which you’ll have to regret later. Manfred has given himself up to what television commands, and Puello throws his follies into the world for exhibitionism. I mean, they’re a couple of huge dangers for a show sport as triumphant as it’s been for nearly a century and a half. I honestly tell you that if you disappeared from the baseball scene, it would be so good that all the fans of the world and I would celebrate for weeks. Please leave! And I wish you all the best, but away from baseball… Adrián.RETAZOS.-** They insist on preparing Europe to be the headquarters of major leagues. The Yankees recommended Luis Sojo to spanish national team manager. The idea is that a league with great quality works, and negotiate exchanges of ballplayers and games with the two leagues here. They believe they can achieve a successful success with teams in countries such as England, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Six franchises each to play in four cities in each of those countries. Yes, a powerful league can be formed both economically and sportingly. Can you imagine if they install academies in 10 or 12 cities in that environment? ATTENTION.- I invite you to read the recent archive of “Juan Vené en la Pelota”, on the internet, “sport rejoins us”. Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

Original source in Spanish

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