translated from Spanish: Gomite being ridiculed in nets for reading book with sunglasses

Influencer Araceli Ordaz, better known as Gomite, was heavily criticized as a new social media account after sharing a photograph that left her in «ridiculous» according to some Internet users, as the young woman was seen reading a book with glasses of sun. Although it is not new that the young expayasite is criticized on social networks, she has now decided to take a preventive action to stop reading lousy comments that internet users constantly make and decided to block the comments section on her Photographs.

This action of Gomite quickly gave much to talk about, as she was branded a smug, talentless person and lashouted against her explaining that if it weren’t for her audience she wouldn’t be where she is now and wouldn’t have as much fame within show business.

I present the best version of myself. Having kids turn off the comments of this beautiful post, why I don’t want to allow more, that the beautiful Araceli attack it once again, to download if I hate or grudge in a simple image, so go do it to another profile why not here» Araceli wrote at the bottom of the photograph.

Her followers assured that uploading to her social networks a photograph in which she pretends to read a book, does not make her a better person, as well as reading with dark glasses a book, because you can only read anything this way and when you thought they were finished , exploded when they saw the tennis coming up to the beds, a «very bad taste» action. At this point it is no longer known whether, by sharing a photograph, Gomite will be attacked or flattered, sometimes his followers applaud his actions or flatter his beauty, but in others and most, he «ends up» with too many criticisms, which is why he made the decision to decide to is to activate comments on Instagram.
Despite disabling the comment option, Gomite has proven to be a strong woman who all the time lets any kind of hatred or criticism against her, always showing her self-high and proud of who she is and what she has achieved.

Original source in Spanish

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