translated from Spanish: Alleged CJNG members arrive at CDMX and warn their rivals (Video)

EDOMEX.- On social media began to circulate a video where alleged strongly armed CJNG hitmen announce their arrival in the State of Mexico, as well as claim that they will make a “clean”.
In the video you can see a large number of men carrying weapons of various calibers, who are covered with the face, in addition to carrying tactical equipment and uniform military type, these identify themselves as members of the CJNG.
During the recording the subjects launch threats against the rival group, which is named after the Michoacana family, which in addition to operating in the state of Michoacán has also moved to the State of Mexico.
The recording lasts only a few seconds, however, this time in sufficient time for alleged CJNG hitmen, launch their threats and announce the “clean”, in the video a man is heard saying:

“He began the cleanses gentlemen. We come to remove from the State of Mexico all pu** scourge of La Familia Michoacana, pure people of Chito Cano”.

These words of the man the other hitmen around him begin to shout as a celebrater towards the CJNG and El Mencho. It should be mentioned that behind the man is also a narcomanta which is signed by the CJNG (Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación, in which you can read the following:

“ATTENTION. The cleaning of all the scourges of the MICHOACANA FAMILY has begun. Fees and kidnapping by these starving deaths will not be allowed here. Likewise we will kill anyone who supports either state or federal government. The State of Mexico, Michoacán and Guerrero have an owner and is the owner of him: CJNG”.

Similar blankets were those that were hung by CJNG hitmen on the vehicle bridges on the Toluca-Tenango road, at the height of the Calimaya bridge.

The Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación #CJNG of Alejandro Carranza Ramírez “Chito Cano” announces its arrival in the State of Mexico. VO2
— I’m military ?? (@Soy_Militar) February 3, 2020

Original source in Spanish

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