translated from Spanish: Court ruled against PC and must pay million-dollar compensation to worker

The First Labour Letters Court of Santiago ruled that the Communist Party must pay more than 170 million pesos to a woman who worked for nearly 30 years for the non-payment of contributions and indirect dismissal. The defendant worked guarding a party plot and the Court recognized the employment relationship between the PC and the woman that lasted from January 11, 1990 to February 7 last year, the Communist Party must pay its counterpart $432,000 for i non-substitution of prior notice; $4,752,000 indemnity for 11 years of service; $2,376,000 by 50% legal surcharge; $150,768,000 for remuneration owed for the entire period worked and $6,264,000 for legal holiday for the entire period worked. According to the ruling «it is stated that the dismissal of which the actor was the subject has been NULO, which is why the defendant is sentenced to pay the remuneration and other benefits due from the date of dismissal, that is, from 7 February 2019 until the époc (a) the validation of the same, all due to a monthly remuneration of $432,000.» In addition, the party must pay social security contributions that are unpaid from the time the woman began her employment relationship with the PC until it ended up being the remuneration of 432 thousand pesos.

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