translated from Spanish: INDH justifies querlas for carabineros beatings: «The Institute does not seek communication actions, but exemplifying penalties»

The deputy director of the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH), Cristian Pertuzé, said that the «institute does not seek communication actions, but exemplary penalties», commenting on the case of Matías Soto, the j oven mechanical engineering student brutally beaten by a carabinieri patrol last week on Puente Alto.
In this case, the INDH filed a complaint for torture against the 7 discharged forces. It should be recalled that this fact was described as «exceptional» by the police institution, and the Prosecutor’s Office announced that it will formalize the accused for «illegitimate constraints». With regard to this qualification, Pertuzé explained that «as an institution we cannot intervene in the causal circumstances defined by other State institutions, such as the Public Prosecutor’s Office, but what we want is to try to achieve exemplary punishments when such acts are committed, strongly affecting people and also social coexistence,» he told Radio Cooperative.
According to the manager, «it cannot be that state agents in their duties and with the power that society gives them perform such acts against people, being that their main concern is to protect the safety, integrity and lives of people» Held.
In conversation with Radio Duna, Perutzé stated that the INDH will also file a claim for another case of group aggression by Carabineros in Puente Alto. It is a 25-year-old who is currently admitted to the Sótero del Río hospital.

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