translated from Spanish: Interior by beating by young people by Carabineros: «Clearly it comes out of protocols»

The undersecretary, Juan Francisco Galli, valued the «timely and drastic decision» to discharge the officials involved in the aggression. For his part, the Prosecutor South, Milibor Bugueño, argued that in addition to taking the victim’s statement, he was referred to the SML to assess his injuries.

The undersecretary of the Interior, Juan Francisco Galli, referred during this morning to the case of the young man who was beaten by Carabineros in Puente Alto and who resulted in the discharge of the officials. In this regard, the authority assessed «the timely and drastic decision of the director general of Carabineros y Carabineros as an institution regarding the events in the commune of Puente Alto, which were known yesterday and in which swift action was taken,» he said. Adding that it was «a conduct that clearly goes beyond the protocols of use of the institution’s strength». Specifically, Galli detailed that «the first thing that was done preemptively was to remove them from operational functions and secondly, by decision of the managing general, they were discharged. (…) We must distinguish between the legitimate and correct use of force to safeguard people’s rights from what does not correspond and goes out of protocols,» he replied. ILOUS AFOREON, as stated by EMOL, the Prosecutor Sur specialized in human rights investigation, Milibor Bugueño, argued that the seven officials will be investigated for the crime of illegitimate constraints. «It is a rather serious denunciation, because they are acts committed by public officials who commit illegitimate constraints of their office.» He also stated that in addition to taking the victim’s statement, «he was referred to the Legal Medical Service (SML) to make the Istanbul injury protocol.»

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