translated from Spanish: International Cancer Day; Awareness and support

Mexico.- Today, February 4, is commemorated as the International Day of the Fight against Cancer and was named by two organizations responsible for managing prevention, promotion and intervention policies in health worldwide; The World Health OrganizationThe International Cancer Research Centre (Iarc) and the International Union Against Cancer (Uicc).
This date in commemoration was created with the sole aim of raising awareness and mobilizing society to Advance prevention and control of this disease in its various types.
What is cancer?
Cancer is one of the most recognized diseases in the world, and occurs when a set of cells in the body grow uncontrollably resulting in a mass or lump; occurs in most cancers except leukemia (blood cancer).
If untreated, the tumor often invades surrounding tissue and can cause Metastasis distant points in the body spreading to other organs and tissues.
Who are most likely to happen to?
Considering that there are too many types of cancer that can be had, the causes can be multiple. In many cases, risk factors cannot be changed, but about one-third of cancer cases can be avoided by reducing major risk factors.
Alcohol, tobacco and drug use.
Food and diet.
Physical activity and exercise.
Radiation or exposure to carcinogenic substances.
Certain infections.
How to detect it?
Consider the following factors if you have doubts the best will be to go to the doctor of your choice and be sure before the problem becomes bigger.
Foreign lumps or masses anywhere on the body.
Fatigue, tiredness, shortness of breath or cough.
Unforeseen bleeding or bleeding.
Sudden weight loss or lack of appetite.
Complications when swallowing, urinating, or performing any other physiological needs.
Intense night sweats.
Changes in a mole or spots on the skin.
Breast changes.
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