translated from Spanish: Maribel Guardia suffers sharp drop on show Today live

Tremendous fall suffered Maribel Guardia in the program Today when she was playing in Salva la rola, section where all the drivers of the broadcast participated for which the woman wanted to have fun, but things did not go as she expected. It turns out that the Puerto Rican wanted to take the microphone off Andrea Escalona, but she was the winner, but at the time of making another attempt to remove it she fell in front of the cameras disarming the inflatables that covered her.

As if that weren’t enough, the actress proved to be more agile than any young woman, as she immediately got up from the floor to continue playing with her classmates, who realized the energies of the 60-year-old woman.

Let us remember that Maribel’s body is one of the most praised on social networks for years because it continues to preserve the same body with which it appeared in the cinema making it clear that a good diet and exercise are the necessary tools to be seen Spectacular.
One of the singer’s sexiest outfits is when she’s in a swimsuit causing excitement every time she uploads a photo on her social media, where she shows off her spectacular steel abdomen.

It should be noted that Guardia also has beauty secrets and has shared them on some TV shows as many want to know the secret of the youth he manages.

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