translated from Spanish: Piñera’s bad memory

Words aren’t always carried away by the wind. Many times they come back again and again, even more so in times of social media. Precisely a statement of the Representative is the one that has circulated the last few days, especially by wassap, emphasizing the irony of life: «I think you have to know how to listen to the students and I prefer a thousand times to see the secondary rise by the bad education that condemns us to inequality and injustice, to see them indifferent to what is happening in our country.»
The declaration corresponds to the month of June 2006, when Michelle Bachelet had only three months in La Moneda and the penguin mobilization generated headaches for the then Mandataria, to the point that shortly thereafter had to remove her minister of the Interior , Andrés Zaldivar and to whom he was his minister of education, Martin Zilic.
Piñera – who had lost Bachelet in the second round – added at the time that «it was time to face the truth and not just make speeches and inaugurations, because as it stands, the Chilean educational system has become a machine of inequalities , so it’s time to do major surgery.»
As an old saying goes, the fish dies through the mouth and that happened to Piñera more than once with those statements. When he finally arrived at La Moneda, he faced in his second year of government the student mobilization of 2011 that not only marked his management and public agenda, but also struck his popularity and support for his mandate. Then, it was the newspaper Publimetro that reminded him of his words of 2006 and the same means of communication, he reiterated the year 2018 in the context of the arrests and takes of universities and colleges by the fourth feminist wave.
Thirteen and a half years after her statements, Piñera faces a complex scenario after the social outburst of October 18 and on time with the secondary, as this week must be made the third attempt to get the middle-room students to perform the PSU – after two previous days with incidents – following the call to boycott of the ACES.   Hardly the President thinks the same as 2006 and as it is said in popular slang, another thing is with guitar.

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