translated from Spanish: Suspension against Tren Maya is absurd: Fonatur holder

The director general of the National Tourism Development Fund (Fonatur), Rogelio Jiménez Pons, acknowledged that there is a provisional suspension granted by the First District Court in Campeche against the Maya Train, which can stop the work.
However, it noted that so far no government body had been notified of this. He explained that they have information that members of the Regional Indigenous and People’s Council of Xpujil (Cripx) had promoted an amparo.
As a result, a judge granted them a provisional suspension of the execution of the Maya Train project, «of the whole project, which is absurd,» the official acknowledged.
Find out: Judge did grant provisional suspension against Tren Maya, but authorities have not been notified
Jiménez Pons considered that «the judge is exceeding in her powers, since this does affect the generation of work, because the Maya Train has a part already built, which goes from Palenque to Valladolid, which is approximately 730 kilometers».
He added that it is a general communication route that is currently in operation, and that a train or two a day passed. If the remodeling works stop, he said, a stretch that already works would be affected.
He noted that «this measure does not have proportion» as they, the members of Cripx, «express and protest, is a group that they do not like development or advancement».
Protesters, he added, «are not indigenous communities, but a very small group of activists of no more than 10 people, I have spoken to them, and in addition the communities spoke in favor of the project in the consultation.»
He added that «beyond, this project has legitimacy because it was a campaign proposal by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and is endorsed in the Government Plan of this administration, which has the support of the 30 million people who voted for that plan».
Rogelio Jiménez Pons recognizes that here what it deprives «is a political context, of interests, is not a technical problem, nor of popular will, because the majority of the population already expressed thesame in favor, it is a group that is sponsored (we do not know by whom) but we have to give way to the decision of the majority, which is overwhelming and that this in favor of the project.
There are communities that have spoken out against the train in Chiapas, such as Oxchuc, which is about 185 kilometers from the nearest point that is Palenque. The opinion of that community is welcome, but it has nothing to do with the Maya Train, the train does not pass through Zapatista territory.»
He insisted that «everything is media, everything is distortion,» he replied that «the Federal Government will resort to all legal bodies to defend the project. But this will happen when the official notification is already held, because from that legal act the times begin to run, the notification can be received by the Governorate or we and no one has received it.»
Thus, he indicated that «the Maya Train is a sustainable project, it will generate development, with the train will be cheaper the passage, the load, pollutes a hundred times less than a road, and the real opposition to the project is because behind there are political interests, there is no compelling reason».
Many people, he continued, «he does not care that a flagship project of this administration will succeed, because it would affect them and therefore disturb the project».
«A few activists,» he insisted on his accusation, have the right to protest, but as a federal government they expect the judiciary to act in proportion to true democracy, «because there can’t be a project with such broad social support and a group to bring it down.»
«This is very strange, » he said.
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