translated from Spanish: The fire ends with merchandise in clothing store in the New Mazatlan

A clothing store of exclusive brands caught fire around midnight on Monday, leaving losses valued at several thousand pesos. The place is located in a shopping square in the New Mazatlan area. Firefighters from the two stations came to quell the light that destroyed the different dresses that were on display and how mannequins carried them. 

The premises are on two floors and both reported damage to the merchandise. The information obtained from the authorities who came to verify the report indicates that three subjects threw stones and broke the large glass of the door. 

Photo: The Debate

They then dropped what would presumably be a Molotov bomb that exploded inside the store and set the clothes and furniture on fire. The fire immediately spread to the second floor. The men who allegedly caused the sinister jumped a small fence and escaped into the mountain surrounding the shopping square. The vigilante alerted firefighters and municipal police to the situation, as there was a risk that the fire would spread to the adjoining premises. The emergency was controlled by rescue bodies, who after quelling the flames checked the premises to make sure there was no more risk.

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