translated from Spanish: Electric power failure in El Carrizalejo community fails

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The electrical power service of the el Carrizalejo police station, belonging to Culiacán, has been deficient for several months. Residents of this community reported that in the face of any light rain in the community, the light goes away and they have to wait up to one or two days for the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) to address the complaint.

On a tour of the place, villagers said it was during the weekend rains that they ran out of power, that CFE staff twice came to do the repair, but the problem continued. «They told us it was a blade that was thrown, but they come, they repair it and again it happens the same thing,» Patricia Sicarios said. Food 
With the rainfall last Sunday at noon, throughout the village there was no electricity, so they did the report to the CFE and at night staff came to do the repair; however, during the early morning again the fault reappeared. This problem caused that during the days of rest, staff working in the primary school Benito Juárez came to rescue the food that was in refrigeration and with this prevent them from going into a state of decomposition. The principal of the campus said they are working without electricity, but fortunately the high temperatures are still not recorded and can work on school activities without problem. For their part, the villagers point out that last year’s heat season passed without electrical power, affecting their appliances by coming and going from the light. «It is not fair, that they give priority to this problem; when receipts arrive, two or three days late they cut it, but to fix faults they take a long time,» explained one neighbor. Repair
Over the weekend, the light went away three times in a row; early personal early in the CFE, he came to the village to do the repair, but the inhabitants are unaware whether it was a temporary or definitive arrangement. So they call on the parastatal to urgently repair the fault from its origin before the hot and rainy season begins, and thereby prevent their household appliances and spotlights from decomposing. Rains: Collect 8 tons of trash in sewers
With rainfall recorded in the municipality over the weekend, the assistant manager of Public Services, Rodolfo Audelo Avilés, said that 8 tons of garbage that remained in the thousand 100 sewers in this municipality has been collected.

The city official said cleaning work has been reinforced to clean up the city of everything that the water swept away, including the removal of ten fallen trees in the city. As well as supporting the rain-affected areas that was the Colony Of San Rafael, where in a timely manner they took cleaning supplies and support to those affected. 

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