translated from Spanish: Guevara’s mayor for “preventive cup”: “Carabineros makes the tactical decisions he deems appropriate”

The mayor of the Metropolitan Region, Felipe Guevara met this morning with residents of Plaza Italia, in order to analyze the situation that is lived in the place today. The meeting was held after the authority resumed his duties, after the Senate rejected the constitutional charge against him. On this occasion, in addition to commenting on the topics discussed with the residents, he was also consulted on the so-called “preventive copacation” and its continuity as a strategy within the framework of social manifestations. All this, considering that this strategy was the central point of questioning its management. “We have a meeting today with Carabineros. I repeat to you how it operates, here are certain myths that politically people have tried to install. The authority gives Carabineros an orientation, regarding what has to happen (…) in the case of Plaza Italia that the city works, that public and private transport can work,” he replied. He also noted that “Carabineros makes the tactical decisions he deems appropriate. That’s why the law says they’re professionals. And then we come together to assess how effective and effective those strategies were that define Carabineros.” “Not that I apply it. So it is not that I rule out or not implement it, I am a strategy that I cannot implement. Carabineros applies a strategy and then evaluates it,” he concluded.

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