translated from Spanish: Health promises medical supplies for children with cancer this week

The undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López- Gatell promised that on Wednesday medicines for children with cancer will arrive in Tijuana and assured that on Tuesday afternoon a team from the Institute of Health for Welfare came out with the drugs to supply Yucatan. 
Upon leaving the second work table in the Ministry of the Interior with the parents who have denounced abasursto, although the first in which he participates, the undersecretary assured that the cases of roughness reported in Guerrero, Oaxaca will also be attended and that the supply will be verified in the Hospital de Alta Specialty of Ixtapaluca and in the Hospital Infantil Gómez. 
«All the cases we’ll solve and if next Tuesday there was something that wasn’t covered, we’re going to review it and we’re going to solve it,» he said. 
Lopez-Gatell explained that these cases of roughing in states are due to networks of interests that do not want the transformation of the health system. «It’s a local problem where they’re told it’s the federal government’s fault that it doesn’t give me the drugs. Although there are also medicines that have a global shortage problem, like Vincristine, but we have managed to get them and we will send them to hospitals.» 
The undersecretary said they only need to know where the drugs are missing in order to be able to provide them, «but here’s also something else, we’ve asked state systems to know what’s needed, the same from federal hospitals, and what have we got? Late lawsuits, incomplete requests, which do not allow us to act. That’s why we’re going to go to society, to the parents of children with cancer, we’re going to meet here every week, on Tuesday afternoons, to see the progress and that the saboteurs are denounced.» 
Among those saboteurs, Gatell spoke of networks of complicity and privilege. «There are in corners of the country, people bent on having a negligent attitude, private benefit circuits: there are, for example, private pharmacies that are owned by someone of the locality and who works in a public institution, and it is easy for people to tell that there are no drugs because the federal government did not send them, but they give them the option to move to the pharmacy across the street (theirs) to buy it.» 
To end these networks, the official again asked the society to make the allegations of roughing to the citizen contact number 018007678527.
For their part, the parents who attended the meeting said, upon leaving, that they gave the authorities the benefit of the doubt that the deabas will now be resolved. But they assured that if they don’t, they will go back to the protests. «The way to keep us cool is with the medicine on the hospital shelves,» said Israel Rivas, the leaders of the dads. 
On Vincristina’s specific deabas and what Gatell said about the roughness being global, he claimed that he himself will call different hospitals in the world to see if it’s true, because «do you imagine St Judge in America without vincristine? I don’t.»
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