translated from Spanish: Omar Chaparro releases album in tribute to Pedro Infante

Actor Omar Chaparro seeks to let the new generations know who Pedro Infante was and with the new film he starred as the singer for Netflix next to the album he derived from it he believes that young people will investigate more out of curiosity about the life of the interpreter.” Millennials who didn’t know who they were are googled,” Omar said during a press conference of his new album in tribute to Infante, and added to be a loyal fan of it and assured that Peter himself, as a spiritual person, told him as they prepared the tape who dared to sing.

During the presentation he advanced that his new song “De qué que me día el cielo” written by himself and Jorge Avendaño, will be part of a dynamic among his followers in which they must interpret this new single and thus find new talents. The idea arose after seeing his followers recorded performing the song in different genres.
“We want to invite people to record and the winner is going to record an unreleased theme with me to support these new talents,” the actor said. He stressed that there is no anger or lawsuit brought by Lupita Infante, daughter of the late singer, following the film produced for Netflix.
I know Lupita liked the movie, the terms of the lawsuit I’m not aware of, really. I think she did like it and she’s happy. Besides, she signed and obviously has her credit as an executive producer and I think she also reached an economic agreement and there’s her signature,” she explained.

Omar Chaparro said that everything is in order even when it comes to musical material and there is no way that there is any conflict over the release of tracks derived from his passage through the production and profits of the album.
“Getting a record is an editorial theme that doesn’t belong to her. I could record the songs of Elvis Presley and the editors are responsible for handing out the composers, authors, performers and so on.”

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