translated from Spanish: Trump touts economic well-being in State of the Union

WASHINGTON (AP) — Faced with a Congress and country deeply divided by impeachment, President Donald Trump on Tuesday exalted the «great recovery of the United States» in Tuesday, three years after lamenting what he described as the » American massacre» of his predecessor. Disputes between parties were evident as the first president to seek re-election in the midst of a impeachment called for a new term. Republican lawmakers chanted «Four More Years.» House Speaker Nancy Pelosi broke her copy of Trump’s speech as soon as the representative finished his speech.
«America’s enemies are on the run, America’s wealth is rising, and America’s future is shining,» Trump said. «In just three years we have destroyed the mindset of an American decline and repelled the narrowing of America’s destiny. We are moving at an unimaginable pace until recently, and we will never go back!» Setting his parameters of success and claiming that he had overcome them, Trump went from the «American massacre» of that message of assumption to exalting America’s «great recovery,» exposing the country’s economic achievements as his main argument for a second term. Trump devoted much of the speech to highlighting the strength of the economy, including low unemployment, and highlighted how he has benefited the working-class and middle classes, though the period of growth began with his predecessor Barack Obama. And what Trump describes as an unprecedented boom does not differ in many respects from the economic strength he inherited from Obama. Economic growth reached 2.3% in 2019, matching the average pace since the end of the Great Recession a decade ago in the first of the eight-year Obama administration.Trump slammed out the new trade deals he has negotiated, including phase one with China and the U.S.-Canada Treaty, signed last month. Trump delivered his speech in the House of Representatives, located on the opposite side of the Capitol from which the Senate is scheduled Wednesday in a partisan proportion. The first half of his nationally televised speech was marked by optimism, not to mention the impeachment that has worn Washington down, reciting a list of achievements and commitments. However, the partisan division inside Washington was represented by the woman on her left who also excelled in television shots. Pelosi, a stone in Trump’s shoe that authorized the impeachment in which the representative was accused of abusing his authority by pressuring Ukraine to investigate a political rival, created a viralized image a year ago with what seemed like his sarcastic applause of the presiding Nte. This time it was even more explicit in breaking the transcript of the speech. Trump was no more cordial. When he took the stand, he did not shake Pelosi’s lying hand, though it was unclear whether he had seen her. Later, amid frequent cheers of Republicans, she remained in her seat and sometimes scolded her head in response to Trump’s words.When she left, she told the press that breaking the speech was «the most courteous, given the alternative.» Republicans called his action disrespectful.

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